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24th-Dec-2030 12:00 am - Friends Only
everything on everything


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7th-Sep-2013 08:25 pm - Update, lots of it.
everything on everything
I got a new speech job. In Waco. I already got the apartment, met my new pts and the rest of the staff I'll be working with. And did I mention....I'm moving out there on my own? And the position is full time?!

I'm so excited and so happy! God has truly blessed me and I can't thank all the opportunities I've been given that have built me up to take on this new position. I'll be treating pts in there homes (home health instead of clinic). But I'll be seeing more kiddos then my other job. At Sante, it was one pt every hour, now I'll be seeing different kiddos every half-hour, so I'm making more an hour than I did before.

It helps that the town is super small. I barely waste any gas at all. And my apartment is gorgeous! And right by the lake. I'm going to get a bike and bike down their each day. :3

I'm super, super happy! And blessed! But it kinda makes me sad that a lot of my friends were very judgmental of my home situation. My mom and I do not always get along, but it isn't that easy to just get out when you have very little financial options. And some even pressured me saying, "Nicole, you're 25, you need to move out." And this came from someone who was much older than I was who didn't move out of their family's home until way older than I was. So I don't like the hypocrisy of it....or anyone putting their own judgments and opinions on my situation. It's not like I wanted to stay with my family a whole year after I graduated college, but getting licensed takes time and getting internships and entry-level experience takes time. It really hurt my feelings and I had some self-esteem issues because of it.

My parents didn't care if I stayed with them until I could transition so why should they care? I really don't know...but I won't have to worry about them because I am moving! Lol I am getting the keys next Friday and I am so excited! Lol :)

No one can dampen my happiness! No one! All negative people, please stay away, I have no time for you! Lol

Other than that, the process of getting everything taken care of has been really stressful. I am having some allergic reactions/breakouts again. And I hope my doctor and I can figure out why it's happening. It happened like 2-3 years ago and I'm a little scared that It'll keep escalating.
28th-Nov-2012 11:31 pm - Christmas Cards!
everything on everything
It is that time of year again! :) Let me know if you would like to receive a Christmas card and I'll send it out. Please leave a comment with your address to this post and I'll mail it out by December 15th. And also, because I am super paranoid, I'll send a pm/message/text/email to you to let you know that I have passed it along to the postal service. If you can tell me when you get it, I'd appreciate it because you never know what can happen with mail nowadays.

So again, please comment if you would like one. I bought my cards yesterday and I have plenty so please don't worry about sending one back or anything. I'm just happy to share the lurve. <3 I'll also post a reminder when it's closer to the middle of December.

Thanks! And of course, comments are screened. :) Thank you! Happy Holidays.
7th-May-2012 11:21 pm(no subject)
everything on everything

This video and song is amazing. :) And how fitting it is for Assassin's Creed Revelations.

And the Lost in Translation soundtrack is the most played on my Ipod right now. XD
4th-Feb-2012 09:03 pm - Writer's Block: Pants on Fire?
everything on everything
Well, I think that if you don't tell the whole truth then you're not being honest. If you think about it, and you have to rationalize why you're doing it then that means you shouldn't do it. XD So yes, I think a lie by omission is still a lie. Not as bad, but a lie is a lie. No matter what you dress it up as or try to explain it as, it's still a lie underneath it. But sometimes it's hard to be truly honest with some people because it may hurt their feelings. So I understand how not wanting to hurt someone's feelings or tell them the whole truth may get in the way of that. But really, the truth will come out somehow. And then that person you lied to may be upset with you later.
I've been in both cases, where I told the truth and where I didn't say anything because I didn't want to hurt someone else's feelings. And both cases didn't end well. So sometimes it may be like...damned if you do, damned if you don't. XD

What do y'all think? XD
10th-Jan-2012 12:08 am(no subject)
everything on everything

This is my cousin Anthony and Gerry, the Girafe. :) Yes, my grandma's neighbor has a girafe. He's pretty cool when he's not trying to eat your hair. (And you can see Zezzy the zebra in the back)

8th-Oct-2011 06:00 pm(no subject)
everything on everything
GUYS! I need you all to keep my sister in your prayers and thoughts. We just recieved a call from the police in Alva, Oklahoma telling us that my sister had a bad car accident. She was driving down a gravel road to the house she and her friends are renting out for the semester. The rain was so bad that when she was driving, she swirved and off-roaded, flipping the car over.

She's unconscious and being taken to the hospital by police. I just thank God that someone passing by saw her flipped and rendered aid. I'll report back when I know more! But please if you can take a moment of silence to send positive thoughts my family's way I'd really appreciate it! In prayer there is power!

My parents are already packing so they can go up there and see what's going on. I just hope and pray that she is alright and that God keeps her safe!
11th-Sep-2011 03:27 am - Writer's Block: 9/11
everything on everything
Where were you?

I was on the other side of the world, in Okinawa, Japan with my family because my dad was stationed at Kadena AFB there. It was around 11 at night, my sister and I had just gone to bed and my parents were watching the news on the only English speaking channel we had (Armed Forces Network). There was an emergency broadcast of the events of 9/11. My mom woke us up to have us watch it and my dad went to the phone and called the base commander saying, "Turn on your tv. The world just changed."
9th-Jun-2011 05:53 pm - Friends Cut
everything on everything
Because I just don't talk to or hear from some of you anymore.

It's only people who haven't commented for several months.

This does not affect any readers for OTRFK. It was only a minor cut (like less than 5 people) of some past personal friends and it's already done so please don't be worried. :)

This post is only here in case someone wants to be added back.
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