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everybody take a bow

'cause i'm the one and only

I am, I am the Queen.♔
28 April 1988

(♛) the queen.

✕ Previous LJ's are: eggdrpsoup and eggsoversexy.

My name is Nicole and I'm 23! :) I'm studying to be a speech pathologist!

This journal is Friend's Only! Please comment on my friend's only post to be added. This is where the introduction ends, babydolls. <3
✕ I am THE Asato Tsuzuki (Yami no Matsuei) of Livejournal! @ iam_the.
I claimed Asato Tsuzuki ♥ Hisoka Kurosaki over @ pairingclaimage~!
I rp as Asato Tsuzuki at kunpuu, under the lj username: lovespie.
I rp as Wolfram at kunpuu, under the lj username: pinknightgown.

You can find my graphics at: theycallmesexy.

My communities dedicated to palletshipping: garyxash satoshixshigeru

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