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Writer's Block: 9/11 
11th-Sep-2011 03:27 am
everything on everything
Where were you?

I was on the other side of the world, in Okinawa, Japan with my family because my dad was stationed at Kadena AFB there. It was around 11 at night, my sister and I had just gone to bed and my parents were watching the news on the only English speaking channel we had (Armed Forces Network). There was an emergency broadcast of the events of 9/11. My mom woke us up to have us watch it and my dad went to the phone and called the base commander saying, "Turn on your tv. The world just changed."
11th-Sep-2011 04:18 pm (UTC)
That's scary to be on the other side of the world when that happened.
12th-Sep-2011 09:37 am (UTC)
Same experience here as well, except that I was at NAF Atsugi when that happened. I kind of found it hilarious though that I spotted some kids through my apartment window going to school the next day and then becoming clueless as to why no one's showing up since I guess their parents didn't warn them about the 9/11 attack and all military bases being jacked up to FPCON DELTA in security (I don't know how on earth these parents didn't let their kids know. Maybe it was just the stay-at-home moms since that dads were all still at work when it happened, and the terrorist attack happened pretty late at night, too, so I guess these moms didn't feel like staying up late to watch the same old boring crap on AFN, thus causing them to skip the urgent news). Although it kind of pissed me off a bit back then as to why these kids didn't know they didn't have to go to school, and if they even heard about the terrorist attacks at all.

Being on lock-down mode kinda sucked, even though I was glad to not go to school lol. But it sucked because the entire base having empty streets felt so eerie...
14th-Sep-2011 08:49 pm (UTC)
Yup, base lock-down was not fun. Especially for the dependants that lived off-base. :/ They had to call ahead and get permission to get on base from the security and base General. From that day on, base security everywhere become increasingly tighter.

I didn't mind the empty streets because that's how it always was during Typhon season. :P But the base houses were cement buildings so nothing ever happened to them. They always survived the storms.

Well, our base had a loud speaker system and alarm that would go off when special announcements were on the AFN. So no one didn't know. But people were really quick to run to the BX and Commisary to stock up on food and stuff. lol
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