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14th-Sep-2010 09:32 pm(no subject)
everything on everything
I haven't slept properly in 3 days. It's jut been dozing for a few minutes before having to write something or study. I'm done with tests and papers this week. I just finished one of my papers a few minutes ago and sent it off to my prof. I can now somewhat recover and catch my breath, but next week the hysteria starts all over again. Thank god, this Thursday is a holiday for my University. XD Yay Spirit day!

I don't know if I can handle this stress guys, I have 1-2 tests every week and papers due every day. That and mid-semester projects are due next month along with my application packets. We have to reaplly for our major every semester. So I have to go down to my old schools and get recommendations from teachers.

Now, I'm going to bed...even though it's 9pm. good night guys...
17th-Aug-2010 11:10 pm - ipod help?
everything on everything
So when I loaded up my iPod on my computer, iTunes asked if I wanted to update my iPod and download a new version of iTunes. I clicked "yes" and attempted to download. It stopped as it reached the end and said "error" and "file cannot be found". So I tried running the old itunes version on my computer but I have the same results.

Not only that, but my ipod won't play videos or music files now. I can click on the song, but it'll just go back to the main screen. I'm guessing it was because I didn't fully update my iPod with the new iTunes. I've tried downloading iTunes again but I still have the same results. Even when I moved to a new computer it still gave me problems.

So now I have my computer that's flogged up with iTunes issues and my iPod that won't play any music at all. Please help me so I can listen to my music again. ;_;

I know that it's not just me. A lot of other friends have had similar problems but they didn't figure out how to fix it.

The iPod I have is iPod Touch 64 GB if that matters. And if I need to put up screen caps of the errors, I will to make things easier! Thanks so much!
11 hours ago - 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
I have wireless internet throughout my entire house, so it's not my connection.
5 hours ago

And the computer is only 1-2 years old. Windows Vista.
20th-Jul-2010 08:26 am - wtf it's 8 am?
everything on everything
So in my fish keeping experience, I've learned that it's better to keep female bettas in large groups rather than small groups. XD Like I have 7 female sisters in my 10 gallon.

I think they've come to associate the tank light with feeding though...because when I turn the light on they all come up to the front of the tank and look at me like this:


Remember that I used to have 4 other female bettas...? The 3 I had together and the 1 I kept seperate in her own tank? The 2 I bought from the breeder are fine and in their own tanks...but the ones I bought from Petsmart totally died on me. I dunno what it was. :/ It completely sucked though. RIP guys. ;_; I dunno...all the animals I get at petsmart have had problems...even the snail that I bought from their died.

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I'll have pictures of the 5 gallon tank soon! :)
everything on everything

I just got an interview on Monday. I'm gonna try to work as a shuttle driver. Basically driving golfcarts around all day at the hotel. It seems easy, and I just have to drive people around the grounds.

It's totally cool because waitressing hasn't been economically good lol. Tips suck lately so I'm trying this second job out. It's only for the summer though. Once school starts in the fall I doubt I'll want to be so hectic!

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everything on everything
a scene from a new story i'm working on: ashes to wineCollapse )

I'm really nervous to write this whole thing out though. Since it's gonna be a long, monster fic. :/ I wanna find someone to help co-author it, but we'll see.
22nd-Sep-2009 11:47 pm(no subject)
everything on everything
Urgh. Just finished The 4th Volume in the Novel series for Only The Ring Finger Knows. It was sooooo angsty! I hate that it'll be a while until the 5th and final volume will be translated and published in the US. The series is great, especially if you're fond of the manga.
21st-Sep-2009 11:19 pm(no subject)
everything on everything
Friends Cut.

Just people who never commented or I never talked to anymore. And some other journals that were abandoned. If you want to be added back, leave a comment.
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